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Education Abroad Registration Portal Contacts

Rhondine Petrof
Chief Executive Officer
Street Address:  Mile 68 George Price Highway
Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 178
City:  San Ignacio Town
State:  Not US or Canada
Zip:  Belize
Country:  Belize
Telephone:  + (501)-671-4421
Office Hours:  Mon - Fri: 9:00 am - 5:00pm
Rhondine Petrof, is a Belizean, international education professional. She gained much of her professional experience during her tenure as the International Student Program Coordinator at Galen University in Belize and Global Semesters in the United States.
 BIO:  TEP now offers a wide range of programs such as the Intern in Belize, Volunteer in Belize, and Summer Study Abroad programs all aimed at benefiting individual students. TEP is a member of the Forum on Education Abroad. Its commitment to the Standards of Good Practice for the industry is first and foremost. Ms. Petrof believes in lifelong learning and continues to strive for excellence in design and implementation of all TEP programs. TEP primarily focus on broad areas such as health, education, community development, environment, and social work. TEP diligently collaborates with stakeholders to understand their organizations needs and works with local and international partners to establish mutual beneficial programs that foster a reciprocal educative process. Her principles are guided by the standards of ethics for the education abroad industry. Ms. Petrof eagerness to share her country with faculty and students continues to fuel her love for the field.

Maryam A. Qawiyy
Program Manager
Street Address:  #11 Guanacaste Street
Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 178 San Ignacio
City:  San Ignacio, Cayo
State:  Not US or Canada
Zip:  Belize
Country:  Belize
Telephone:  (312) 702-1256
Office Hours:  Mon - Fri 8am - 5pm
A writer and performance artist, Ms. Maryam A.Qawiyy received a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts from Chatham University with a double focus in Creative Nonfiction and Screenwriting in 2010. A thespian and renaissance woman, she has a passion for the arts and travel! Her adventures in Tanzania, Brazil, and Belize informed an original stage play that premiered during the Pittsburgh International Black Arts Festival in 2012. She believes that storytelling and cross-cultural exchange can create social change and promote intercultural awareness, tolerance of positive international relations.
 BIO:  As Ms. A.-Qawiyy grew up in both Belize and America, she learned the importance of having multicultural and interfaith experiences and relationships in one's life. She comments,“Representing a unique place, such as Belize, which is so enriched with cultural, ethnic and religious diversity, and limitless natural wonder is an inspiration. I am not only honored, but completely humbled that I am a resource and medium for such a unique country and its stories that need to be told.” Ms. A.-Qawiyy is a belly dancer and a member of the Belize National Dance company; she is also a freelance writer and journalist who is currently the lead anchor for KREM TV News in Belize City.

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